We adopted Tashi (formerly Blueberry) one year ago today when she was 7 months old. She has brought so much joy and happiness to our family! She loves everyone! Loves walks, car rides and going places. She loves to play with her toys and tug of war with her sock. She loves laundry day and waits to see if mom drops a sock on the ground so she can steal it.

She is very smart and learns quickly! She has become very attached to her family and absolutely loves her Grandma to pieces. She loves to lay in her fluffy bed on her back with her legs in the air ……snoring. She sleeps in the bed with us at night. She is so friendly and draws attention from people everywhere we go!

We are so happy that Tashi, aka Tasher, Tasharoo and Miss Tashi is part of our family! We love her so much!! ❤️

Blueberry now Tashi